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October 19, 2014 - No Comments!

Filter Your Pixels

Design Work @ CIID | 2014

“Filter Your Pixels” was designed to make reading the news more appealing and accessible to young people. The main focus was to design an interface which is relevant and responsive to the needs of our audience. Traversing the digital era, young people can relate more to images, through which information consumption can happen fast and instantly. Taking that into consideration, the design of the app is based on images rather than big blocks of text. As we all know “one picture is worth a thousand words”, so more importance was given to images to create a consistent visual theme throughout the app. That led us to the design of an app through which one can filter the news, by choosing his/her preferred sources and topics of interest, and then get notified for the latest news and updates by receiving a small image with a caption. Through “Filter Your Pixels” people can customise the information and knowledge they receive.







In collaboration with Amalia Goutaki, Yashodeep Gholap, Angelisa Scalera

Mentored by: Ulrik Hogrebe (BBC), Jacek Barcikowski (BBC)

Published by: sanghi

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