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October 1, 2013 - Comments Off on Metro Menu

Metro Menu

Design work @ CIID | 2014

Client: Copenhagen Metro Service

Metro Menu is a food delivery service concept designed for the Copenhagen Metro Service that brings fresh and nutritious meals to the commuter’s destination Metro station. The service is primarily targeted at late night shift workers whose irregular working schedules disrupt their mealtimes and their access to fresh nutritious meals. Building on the insight that this group of people tend to make use of journey time to catch up on their errands, the service is designed so commuters can grab meals on the way. The menu changes according to the time of day, serving breakfast in the morning, dinner at night. The service also accommodates to the needs of late night partygoers who face similar issues with access to food in the wee hours.




How does it work?

Metro Menu operates 24 hours, but focuses on delivering meals during irregular hours where fresh food is unavailable: 11pm to 6am. Users can choose to subscribe to food delivery on a regular basis or make a one-time order via the Metro Menu app.


The project involved a long research phase including field & user research. The concept went through multiple iterations during this process.




Making of Metro Menu

In collaboration with Samantha Lim, Paula Te, Angelisa Scalera

Mentored By : Jennie Winhall (Participle Design UK), Rory Hamilton (CIID Consultancy)

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