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October 1, 2013 - Comments Off on TOOL


Design work @ CIID | 2014

Anyone using a shared tool wall knows that the tools rarely end up back in the right place, and sometimes go missing altogether. In response to this problem we created a manifesto for the ultimate tool organisation system. It should be Modular, Flexible & Provide subtle feedback.

In our exploration of possible solutions, we were tempted by many technology centred solutions, but the more we put technology at the forefront, the more restrictive the system became. Instead we wanted something which anyone could use in anyway they want. TOOL’s modular approach allows users to install it and use it in a way that is comfortable for them.


If one tool on the wall is removed, an LED behind its designated spot lights up, providing subtle and glance-able feedback to how long the tool has been gone. The colours change over time to indicate the duration and eventually become a blinking alert, reminding users to look for or return the tool. In this way we encourage a responsible, individual and group behaviour towards keeping one’s tools organised.


The system is completely modular and the buttons with info-graphics about the specific tool can be added or removed as per the needs of the people.


In collaboration with Chiayu-Hsu,Hsiang Lin, Henriette Kruse,Anders Erlendsson,Simon Herzog

Mentored by : David Rose (MIT Media Lab) & Adrian Westaway (Special Projects Studio)

>Download high resolution images and video here<

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