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September 29, 2013 - Comments Off on Trashed Conversations

Trashed Conversations

Media Art @ CIID | 2014

The concept of this installation was to repurpose trashed paper and reflect on the design process in a studio environment. Through the course of one week, paper trash from the CIID studio was collected along with the sound bytes and dialogues of people as they worked on their projects. The clips of their conversations and paper noises were mixed into a chaotic track of audio which is ‘released’ when the paper trash is swept across the floor. Hence, ‘simulating chaotic conversations through the gesture of sweeping trash’ became the key concept for the performance.

Sweeping is a very intuitive gesture to collect trash paper. To release the sound of this gesture, seven contact microphones were attached to various pieces of paper trash. These pieces of trash were then buried amongst a larger pile of trash. The vibrations from the broom and paper are captured by the contact mics and this sound is then used to modulate the audio through a vocoder effect. As the paper pile becomes more dense and the contact mics come closer together, the sound is amplified. The installation was showcased as a live theatrical performance. Through this project the relationship between sound and materials was explored to create meaningful installations.






Trash Trash-2

In collaboration with Yashodeep Gholap, Francesca Desmarais

Mentored by : Sha Xin Wei (Arizona State University, School of Arts,Media&Engineering) & Chris Wood (Queen's Mary University of London)

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