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September 26, 2013 - Comments Off on Dark Side of Amsterdam

Dark Side of Amsterdam

Media Art @ Amsterdam Light Festival | 2013-2014

The Dark Side of Amsterdam is an interactive installation that was presented at the Amsterdam Light Festival 2013-2014. The citizens of Amsterdam were asked to reflect on their sins. Visitors would choose custom made glow-in-the-dark glasses that corresponded with their worst sin, and were asked to enter ‘the confession booth’ where a semi-anonymous long exposure portrait was taken. The portraits were projected onto the Moses & Aaron Church in real time, accompanied by visuals that depict a sin. During the 3 day installation there were more than 400 visitors who confessed their sins.

Project Presentation at BEAMLAB 2014 event where the project won the Audience Award.


In collaboration with mediaLABamsterdam, Frouke ten Velden, Excelsior Visuals

>Access the twitter stream of the project here<

October 10, 2014 - 295 comments

The Laughing Machine

Media Art @ CIID | 2014

This project was an exploration to bridge the gap between hardware and software using the Noam messaging platform which allows to create complex interactive systems.Over various brainstorming sessions and experiments we came up with the concept of “The Laughing Machine”. It is a musical game installation embedded in a network of booths modulated by the Noam Server. Each booth was sending and receiving values which were generated based on the interactions of people within the booth. The setup of the installation were input buttons connected to the Noam Server. A processing sketch was written to create a simple game which displayed balls moving across the screen and the user had to press the correct coloured button in sync with the colour of the ball. The trick was, the colour, shape, size and speed of the ball was changing dynamically based on the values being received from the previous booth. This increased the difficulty level of the game to a certain extent. To add a fun element to the installation the system was programmed to produce sounds of laughter or sobs depending on whether the player made the right move.

This project was a technical challenge in terms of setting up the installation in synchronisation with five other booths on the network. There was no room for errors since a break in one booth could have stalled the functioning of all the booths. This project was great learning experience to understand the working of hardware and software and at the same create an interesting experience for the people playing the game.












In collaboration with Samantha Lim, Claudia Ciarpella, Hsiang Lin

Mentored By : Travis Lee (IDEO), Evan Shapiro (IDEO), David Brody (IDEO)

September 29, 2013 - Comments Off on Trashed Conversations

Trashed Conversations

Media Art @ CIID | 2014

The concept of this installation was to repurpose trashed paper and reflect on the design process in a studio environment. Through the course of one week, paper trash from the CIID studio was collected along with the sound bytes and dialogues of people as they worked on their projects. The clips of their conversations and paper noises were mixed into a chaotic track of audio which is ‘released’ when the paper trash is swept across the floor. Hence, ‘simulating chaotic conversations through the gesture of sweeping trash’ became the key concept for the performance.

Sweeping is a very intuitive gesture to collect trash paper. To release the sound of this gesture, seven contact microphones were attached to various pieces of paper trash. These pieces of trash were then buried amongst a larger pile of trash. The vibrations from the broom and paper are captured by the contact mics and this sound is then used to modulate the audio through a vocoder effect. As the paper pile becomes more dense and the contact mics come closer together, the sound is amplified. The installation was showcased as a live theatrical performance. Through this project the relationship between sound and materials was explored to create meaningful installations.






Trash Trash-2

In collaboration with Yashodeep Gholap, Francesca Desmarais

Mentored by : Sha Xin Wei (Arizona State University, School of Arts,Media&Engineering) & Chris Wood (Queen's Mary University of London)

September 29, 2014 - 1,102 comments

Screaming Plastic

Media Art @ CIID | 2014

Client : Microsoft

As a part of the Microsoft Design Challenge 2014, the concept of Screaming Plastic was proposed to address the brief of “Making Sense of A Billion Sensors”.Drawing on current developments in printed electronics and alternative energies this project proposes a singular large scale event to address the growing problem of plastic pollution.Plastic bottle wrappers are augmented with sensors to generate noise disturbances upon contact with bodies of water. This project explored the possibilities of a billion sensors and the impact of such a large scale implementation on society.Screaming plastic aims to raise awareness of plastic pollution and motivate action against it. Leveraging the existing proximity relationship between plastic trash and our environment we intend to create a language that allows the environment to communicate and vocalise its grievances to its inhabitants. In trash becoming audible we seek to create a public nuisance; beg intervention and add greater visibility to the problem of plastic pollution.


SP-Process SP-Process1




In collaboration with Arunima Singh, Kaitlyn Schwalje